Tuesday, February 06, 2007

B&Q Bonanza

Today I cycled down to B&Q to spend my gift certificates from Christmas. Of course, getting it all in the basket on the back of the bike was rather challenging. Rather than putting on the proper pannier rack I had strapped my old front basket (from the hybrid bike) onto the mountain bike pannier which is just held by the seat post. So as I packed up all the shopping I realised I was beyond the 9kg limit for the rack! Plus it all wobbled back and forth nicely, so the ride home was slow just in case I had to stop to grab potatoes or a trowel off the road!

Main purchase was a lovely big pair of Wilkinson Sword Large Gear Action Bypass Lopper. Whew! This was the main big treat because I figured with about 30m of bramble to chop down it would be well worth it.

Hand trowel
Hand hoe (double sided, it's so cute!)
2 bags of seed potatoes - early crop and salad crop
A rose bush (yellow roses with blush edges, can't recall the name)
4 mini tester pots of outdoor paint - to paint pictures on the shed once it's built
Zip ties
Lots of seeds! They had a couple 'bargain packs' for herbs and veg so more seeds for less moolah. Herb pack of parsley, coriander and basil. I want to get mint too, and I have lavender at the plot. And then a veg pack of cabbage (2 kinds), sweet corn, broccoli, leek, white onions, courgette, early carrots, autumn carrots, spinach, parsnips, brussel sprouts. Now I wanted all those anyway except for the sweet corn so good deal. I bought seeds for peas and beetroot separately.

We're supposed to have snow tomorrow though, so have to wait until I can go play with the new toys.


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